Luis Capelo



I love creating data science products. My mission is to create systems that allow for humans and machines to collaborate, creating outcomes that greatly surpass those generated by either humans or machines working in isolation. I am based in New York City, USA.

I lead Forbes Media’s Data Products team. Our team is responsible for investigating how Forbes articles are distributed and consumed, idenfying patterns that are then used to improve business metrics via the creation of software products. Our solutions include an AI-agent that collaborates with writers, a swarm of bots that help our editors distribute our content, and a new analysis tool that traces and predicts how our content is shared. Previously, I led a team of world-class scientist at the Flowminder Foundation where we developed predictive models for assisting the humanitarian community. And prior to that I worked for the United Nations as part of the Humanitarian Data Exchange team (founders of the Center for Humanitarian Data).

I am a native from Havana, Cuba. And a collaborator to La Cabaña Cuba Consulting Group, a small consultancy firm dedicated to supporting the nascent Cuban private sector.